Premium Treats

Freshness in Every Bite

Indulge in our collection of Premium Treats, where each item is a testament to authentic, handcrafted baking. Our treats are thoughtfully created with a focus on quality over quantity, ensuring each bite is a delightful experience without being overly sweet.

Understanding the art of small-batch baking, we at Sucré emphasize bespoke quality. This means each treat is made to order, guaranteeing freshness and a personalized touch. Please note, to maintain our high standards, there is a minimum order size for each treat, detailed on the individual product pages.

Don’t miss out on our exclusive weekly specials! These special moments offer you the chance to enjoy our premium treats individually, allowing for a unique opportunity to sample and savor these handcrafted delights on their own.

Sucré Catering

Corporate and Office Events

Make Sucré Part of Your Team

Nestled near Toronto’s bustling Financial District, Sucré is your go-to for corporate event catering. Whether it’s a business meeting, an office celebration, or a unique client gift, our range of premium treats is customizable to align with your corporate style and event theme. Relish in the convenience of free delivery within the Financial District, adding a touch of Sucré’s elegance to your business events.

Restaurant Pastry Outsourcing

Elevate Your Menu with Sucré’s Expertise

At Sucré, we offer an exclusive service for restaurants looking to outsource their pastry production. Our team of skilled pastry chefs can create a bespoke dessert menu, perfectly tailored to complement your restaurant’s cuisine and ambiance. Partner with us to bring Sucré’s renowned quality and taste to your tables.

Weddings and Special Events

Making Your Celebrations Unforgettable

From intimate weddings to grand events, Sucré’s premium treats add a luxurious touch to any celebration. Our expertise in crafting exquisite desserts ensures that your special day is both delicious and memorable. Let us take care of the sweet details, making your event an affair to remember.