Muffin – Morning Glory


Sucré’s Morning Glory Muffin: A Sunrise in Every Bite 🌞

Brighten your mornings with our Morning Glory Muffin, a delightful fusion of freshly grated carrots, honey-crisp apples, shredded coconut, sultana raisins, walnuts, and hand-squeezed Cara Cara orange juice.

Balanced with oat bran and sweetened with brown sugar, It’s a delicious blend of nature’s finest ingredients, designed to elevate your morning ritual.

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🌞 Rise and Shine with Sucré’s Morning Glory Muffin! 🌞

There’s no better way to embrace the day than with our Morning Glory Muffin, a delightful medley of nature’s best offerings.

Freshly grated carrots, honey crisp apples, shredded coconut, plump sultana raisins, walnuts, and the zesty touch of Cara Cara orange juice unite for a burst of wholesome flavor.

Oat bran provides a hearty foundation while brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness.

It’s a sunrise in every bite, designed to brighten your mornings and energize your day.

Welcome the dawn with this masterpiece from Sucré.

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