Belgian Couverture Chocolate Mousse Shooters


Turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary moments with our Belgian Chocolate Mousse Shooters. Real cream, pure vanilla, and premium Belgian coverture chocolate. Topped with Chantilly cream and served in a 2 oz shooter glass, it’s the epitome of elegant indulgence. *Includes Mini Spoons

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Turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary moments! Elevate your dessert game with our Chocolate Mousse Shooters – a symphony of creamy, chocolatey perfection! Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, it’s a true masterpiece of taste and presentation.

🍰 Party-Perfect Indulgence: Made with real cream, pure vanilla, and the finest Belgian coverture chocolate, it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

🍰 Topped to Perfection: Each shooter is adorned with a luscious layer of Chantilly cream, adding an extra layer of delight.

🥂 Share the Elegance: Served in clear 2 oz shooter glasses, it’s easy to pass around and ensures that every guest experiences the joy of luxury.

🍾 Whether you’re celebrating life’s moments or treating yourself, these Mousse Shooter is your passport to pure pleasure.


*Includes Mini Spoons

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