Our Cake Guide

Effortless Cake Customization Process at Sucré:

  1. Select Your Cake’s Foundation: Begin by choosing the ideal size and sponge, add an optional filling, and finalize with luxurious icing.
  2. Design Inspiration: Unleash your creativity! Pick from our array of elegant designs or provide us with a photo to spark our inspiration.
  3. Enhance with Extras: Elevate your cake with additional bespoke features, making your creation truly unique.
  4. Schedule Your Moment: Choose a convenient Pickup or Delivery Date to ensure your cake arrives just in time for the celebration.
  5. Secure Your Creation: Confirm your order by sending a deposit to [email protected]. Please note, our weekend reservations are highly sought after – early booking is recommended!

What Sets Sucré Cakes Apart:

  • Unmatched Texture: Indulge in the unparalleled delicacy of our Signature White Velvet Vanilla Wedding Sponge, a testament to Sucré’s commitment to quality in every bite.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: Experience the perfection in each slice, with all crusts meticulously removed by hand for a flawless taste.
  • Exquisite Presentation: Every cake is presented on an upgraded, sturdy 1/2″ Thick Drum Cake Base, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.
  • Personalized Celebrations: Accompanied by a Customized Card, each cake becomes a tribute to the unique significance of your event or the individual being celebrated.
  • Luxurious Packaging: Your cake is encased in a beautiful crystal-clear acrylic box, meticulously sealed and adorned with over 10ft of grosgrain ribbon, creating an unforgettable entrance and centerpiece.

Sizing and Base Pricing

Please Note: All cake sizes and heights are approximate. Prices may vary with market conditions. For the most current pricing, please reach out to us.


  • Florist Flowers (Starting from $15)
  • Handmade Sugar Flowers (Starting from $35)
  • 2D Fondant Backed Prints ($20 / page)
  • 3D Fondant Characters/Objects / Elements
    • Small ($15) | Medium ($25) | Large ($35+)
  • Couverture Belgian Chocolate Swirl ($7)

Names & Messages

  • DIY Piping Gel Tube* ($7)
  • Fondant Pressed Message/Name ($10)
  • Hand Painted Fondant Message/Name ($15)
  • Fondant Age ($8)

*Note: Handwriting options are not available.

Board Upgrades

  • Custom Colored Fondant + Ribbon ($15)

Our Signature Sponges

Signature White Sponge

The default choice for our Designer Cakes. Celebrated for its moistness and light texture, this sponge achieves an unparalleled pale appearance that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. Its fine, even, and open crumb, combined with a classic vanilla flavor, sets a new standard for luxury in cake design. Perfect for those who appreciate the marriage of sophistication and flavor, this sponge ensures every Designer Cake is a testament to elegance and culinary excellence.

Signature Chiffon Sponge

Predominantly featured in our Signature Cakes, our Signature Chiffon Sponge sets a new standard for luxurious lightness, crafted with a significantly higher number of fresh eggs to achieve a rich, yet ethereally light mouthfeel. This delicately balanced sponge offers a satisfyingly airy texture, making every bite a gourmet experience. Due to its supreme lightness and airiness, this sponge is ideally layered no more than four layers high, ensuring each cake remains as exquisite in structure as it is in taste.

Signature Chocolate Sponge

Experience the luxurious depth of our Signature Chocolate Sponge, available for our Designer Cakes as an alternative to the default Signature White Sponge. With an ultra-rich, moist, and almost fudgy texture, this sponge is akin to the indulgence of a gourmet brownie, crafted for the ultimate chocolate aficionado. It promises an intense chocolate experience, seamlessly complementing a wide array of fillings and frostings.

We take the extra step to meticulously remove all crusts by hand from the top, bottom, and all sides, ensuring a uniformly smooth and indulgent texture in every bite.

House Made Fillings

Each of our Signature Sponges can be paired with the following fillings:

  • Gianduja Hazelnut + Chocolate Ganache: A luxurious blend of smooth chocolate ganache and rich, nutty Gianduja hazelnut, perfect for those who adore a deep, indulgent flavor.
  • Strawberry Compote: This filling offers the sweet, tangy essence of fresh strawberries, simmered to perfection, ideal for a classic, fruity touch.
  • Raspberry Compote: A vibrant, tangy raspberry compote that adds a burst of fresh flavor, making it a delightful choice for berry lovers.
  • Fresh Lemon Curd: Zesty and refreshing, our fresh lemon curd brings a bright, citrusy contrast to the sweetness of any cake, perfect for a light, summery feel.
  • Mixed Berry Compote: A harmonious blend of berries, this compote provides a sweet yet tart taste, offering a complex flavor profile that complements any sponge.

Prices vary with the number of cake layers and the market price of fruit, ensuring each cake is tailored to your preferences.

Luxurious Frostings

Italian Meringue Buttercream

Our Italian Meringue Buttercream, available in vanilla and chocolate, is the pinnacle of cake couture, offering a silky, indulgent layer to each cake. This exquisite frosting can be lavishly spread for full coverage or artistically applied for a chic Dénudé look, ensuring a sophisticated taste experience that complements our cakes’ rich flavors.

Chantilly Cream

The Vanilla Chantilly Cream stands as a testament to lightness and elegance, providing a delicate, airy complement to our luxurious cakes. Perfect for those who favor a subtle sweetness, it can grace your cake in a full embrace or with a minimalist Dénudé touch, promising an exquisite sensory delight.

Cutting and Serving

Understanding Our Serving Sizes

When you see “Serves X-Y” on our cake photos:

  • X (Lower Number): Represents the number of larger Party Slices (1.5″ x 2″ x 4″).
  • Y (Higher Number): Stands for the number of smaller, elegant Wedding Slices (1″ x 2″ x 4″).

This range shows you the minimum to maximum servings you can expect from each cake, depending on how you slice it!

How to Cut Tall Cakes into Rectangular Pieces

  1. Sharp Knife Needed: Use a long, sharp knife. A bread knife is good because it cuts easily.
  2. First Cut: Make a big cut down the side of the cake, about 2 inches away from the edge.
  3. Make a Slice: Now, cut 1-inch piece from this big slice. This is how wide your cake piece will be.
  4. Keep Going: Do the same thing all along the cake, making 1-inch wide pieces until you’ve cut the whole cake.
  5. Take Out Slices: Use the knife to gently lift out each piece. If the cake is really tall, you might cut each big piece into two smaller ones to make them easier to eat.
  6. Clean Knife: If the knife gets sticky, warm it up in hot water and dry it. This helps make clean cuts without messing up the frosting.

Pickup and Delivery

Up to 16″ Finished Height:

  • Pickup & Delivery: These cakes are safely boxed for either option.
  • Transport Tips: Ensure your car is cool (below 21°C) by pre-cooling with air conditioning. For transport, position the cake on a flat, stable surface such as the car floor or trunk. If using the trunk, consider surrounding the cake box with blankets or heavy items to prevent any movement. Avoid placing the cake on a seat unless it’s perfectly flat. Drive carefully, avoiding sudden stops, starts, or sharp turns. Protect the cake from direct sunlight whenever possible

16″ to 18″ Finished Height:

  • Special Handling: Cakes of these heights are delivery-only, and transported in special boxes for tall cakes to ensure their safety.

Over 18″ Finished Height:

  • White-Glove Service: Our tallest cakes require exclusive care, transported in special boxes with securing rods. After removing these rods, our team will perform necessary on-site preparations to ensure your cake is displayed beautifully. Due to their intricate nature, these cakes are exclusively available for delivery and also require a set-up fee ($25)