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🚚 FREE Delivery on ALL Cakes & Orders Over $99!



Experience the ultimate dessert indulgence with our premium tiramisu. Three layers of expertly dipped Savoiardi biscuits in espresso, topped with house-made mascarpone cheese, Belgian chocolate shavings, and cocoa powder.



Indulge in the ultimate dessert experience with our premium individual-sized tiramisu.

Made with the freshest ingredients, our tiramisu features rich and creamy house-made mascarpone cheese, luxurious Pâte à bombe, and three delicate layers of Savoiardi biscuits, each one expertly dipped in premium espresso.

To finish, it’s topped with generous shavings of Belgian chocolate and a dusting of cocoa powder, creating a decadent balance of textures and flavors. Treat yourself to the ultimate dessert with our premium tiramisu.

🤎 Individual Serving. 200g. Packaged 12oz Container

🤍 Contains No Alcohol. No Raw eggs. Yolks have been fully cooked.

Minimum Order 3

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