Nougat – Gianduja


Indulge in our signature nougat, made with fluffy meringue, rich Gianduja, wildflower honey, organic cacao butter, and crunchy nuts. Perfect with tea or coffee.



Nougat is a delicious confection that delights the senses with its fluffy texture and complex flavor profile. To create our signature nougat, we start by making a meringue that is light and airy. We then combine this with our house-made Gianduja, which is a rich and indulgent paste made from a praliné of caramelized sugar, roasted almonds, and hazelnuts mixed with bittersweet Belgian chocolate.

The sweetness in our nougat comes from wildflower honey, which provides a natural and delicate sweetness that complements the rich flavors of the Gianduja. We also use organic cacao butter to provide a superior taste and texture that melts in your mouth.

To give our nougat an extra crunch, we add deskinned toasted hazelnuts, roasted whole pistachios, and almonds. These ingredients add a depth of flavor and texture that make our nougat the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.

🤎 Balanced notes of sweet, salty, bitter, crunchy, and chewy

🤍 9” Log packaged in cellophane

🤎 8 Servings – Feeds 2

Minimum Order 9


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