The Elegance of Sage

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Introducing the “The Elegance of Sage” cake by Sucré – where modern design meets timeless elegance.

This two-tiered sage masterpiece, adorned with our silken Italian Meringue Buttercream and a luxurious white wedding velvet sponge, is now elevated with edible 24k gold leaf accents, adding an unmatched touch of opulence.

It’s finished with a sophisticated array of white roses, lisianthus, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus, making it the ultimate expression of sophistication for your day.

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Immerse in the exquisite charm of “The Elegance of Sage” – a luxurious two-tier engagement cake from Sucré, where modern minimalism meets classic elegance. This masterpiece is meticulously crafted for those with discerning tastes, celebrating a momentous occasion with a touch of sophistication.

At Sucré, we believe in the harmony of colors and flavors. The cake features a serene sage color palette, embodying tranquility and refinement. Encircling the base of each tier and the cake drum is a sage ribbon in satin, elegantly complementing the cake’s modern silhouette.

The exterior is a masterpiece of our signature Italian Meringue Buttercream, acclaimed for its smooth and delightful texture. Adding a unique tactile dimension are the sweeping sets of white Nonpareils in various sizes. But the true hallmark of luxury is the delicate application of edible 24k gold leaf accents, artistically placed to catch the light and the eye, offering a glimpse of opulence in every angle.

At the heart of this culinary delight lies a white wedding velvet sponge – light, airy, and exquisitely moist, offering a heavenly taste with each bite.

The floral arrangement is a sophisticated composition of fresh white spray roses, lisianthus, and delicate baby’s breath, crowned with striking green eucalyptus for added height and intrigue. These blooms elegantly cascade at the junction of the tiers and grace the top, adding a natural, romantic flair to the cake.

“The Elegance of Sage” is not just a cake; it’s a symbol of your refined taste and the start of a beautiful journey. Choose it to make your event an unforgettable celebration of love and elegance.

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4-6 Servings (5" – 2 Layers), 6-9 Servings (6" – 2 Layers), 6-10 Servings (5" – 3 Layers), 9-13 Servings (5" – 4 Layers), 9-14 Servings (6" – 3 Layers), 11-16 Servings (5" – 5 Layers), 12-19 Servings (6" – 4 Layers), 13-20 Servings (5" – 6 Layers), 15-23 Servings (6" – 5 Layers), 19-28 Servings (6" – 6 Layers), 17-27 Servings (Two Tier: 4″ – 4 Layers + 6″ – 4 Layers), 20-31 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 5 Layers), 24-37 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 6 Layers), 26-39 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 4 Layers + 7" – 4 Layers), 26-40 Servings (Three Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 5" – 4 Layers + 6" – 4 Layers), 30-45 Servings (Three Tier: 4″ – 3 Layers + 5" – 4 Layers + 7″ – 4 Layers), 32-48 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 5 Layers), 37-55 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 6 Layers)

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