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Lunchbox Cake

Small, cute lunchbox cakes—indulge in your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or lemon sponge with Whipped or Chantilly Cream. A delightful snack made just for you.



Introducing our small, cute, and individual lunchbox cakes—a delightful snack designed for casual indulgence. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, or lemon sponge, and enjoy the option of a Whipped or Chantilly Cream exterior. Perfectly sized for one, these cakes are ideal for on-the-go moments of sweetness. Treat yourself during lunch breaks, busy days, or as a post-dinner delight. Crafted with love, our cakes offer a balance of flavors and an irresistible visual appeal. Experience the joy of a perfectly crafted cake made just for you. Grab a lunchbox cake and savor a moment of bliss anytime, anywhere.


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