Trunkful of Joy

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“Trunkful of Joy” – Sucré’s signature baby shower cake. This elegant cake, crowned with a charming baby elephant topper and adorned with serene blue banners and an elephant carousel, epitomizes sophistication and delight. Perfect for upscale, memorable celebrations.

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Introducing the “Trunkful of Joy,” a stunning creation from the kitchens of Sucré, crafted for the most exquisite baby showers. This cake is a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary elegance, tailored for a discerning clientele.

The cake is adorned with a whimsical fondant topper – a delightful baby elephant seated with a proud smile, holding an “oh boy” flag in its trunk, embodying the spirit of joyous anticipation.

Each tier is encircled by elegant blue fondant banners, adding a touch of serenity and grace. The base of the lower tier features a charming parade of elephants in light blue and grey, marching around the cake’s circumference.

This simple yet stylish design is not just visually appealing but also resonates with the essence of a baby shower.

Crafted with premium ingredients and an attention to detail, our “Trunkful of Joy” is more than just a cake; it’s a symbol of celebration, promising to elevate your special moment to a memorable event.

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4-6 Servings (5" – 2 Layers), 6-9 Servings (6" – 2 Layers), 9-13 Servings (5" – 4 Layers), 11-16 Servings (5" – 5 Layers), 12-19 Servings (6" – 4 Layers), 15-23 Servings (6" – 5 Layers), 19-28 Servings (6" – 6 Layers), 20-31 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 5 Layers), 24-37 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 6 Layers), 26-39 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 4 Layers + 7" – 4 Layers), 26-40 Servings (Three Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 5" – 4 Layers + 6" – 4 Layers), 32-48 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 5 Layers), 37-55 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 6 Layers)


"Oh Boy" with Blue Details, "It's a Girl" with Pink Details, "Oh Baby" with Neutral Details

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