Shaken, not stirred

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Unleash the allure of sophistication with our “Shaken, Not Stirred” Cake. A black-tie affair for your taste buds, this confection is a visual masterpiece, meticulously adorned with fondant details reminiscent of a classic tuxedo. Elevate your celebration with a touch of suspense – two striking red dice add a dash of intrigue to this exceptional creation. Succumb to the allure of Sucré’s Shaken, Not Stirred Cake and let your event become a canvas for luxury.

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To enhance every cake’s sensory delight, we hand-remove all crusts, ensuring a smooth, indulgent texture in every bite of our sponges.

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Choose an optional extra filling for your cake. By default, each layer is already filled with smooth and silky Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream. If you select an additional filling, you'll get both.

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Customize your cake with a short name or message in a color or metal finish of your choice.

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Handcrafted from fondant, it matches your cake's color, and style for a unique and elegant touch.

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Introducing the “Shaken, Not Stirred” Cake – an unrivaled masterpiece designed for those with a taste for the extraordinary. This opulent creation from Sucré redefines sophistication, transcending the ordinary to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Dressed in a luscious black canvas, our Shaken, Not Stirred Cake is a symphony of taste and style. The meticulously crafted fondant details mirror the finesse of a classic tuxedo, ensuring every inch of this confection is a work of art. Elevating the allure, two striking red dice are strategically placed, infusing an air of suspense and adventure.

Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this cake transcends the boundaries of traditional celebrations. Let the Shaken, Not Stirred Cake be the centerpiece of your event, an embodiment of luxury that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also captivates the eyes.

Indulge in the extraordinary, only at Sucré.

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4-6 Servings (5" – 2 Layers), 6-9 Servings (6" – 2 Layers), 9-13 Servings (5" – 4 Layers), 11-16 Servings (5" – 5 Layers), 12-19 Servings (6" – 4 Layers), 15-23 Servings (6" – 5 Layers), 19-28 Servings (6" – 6 Layers), 20-31 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 5 Layers), 24-37 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 6 Layers), 26-39 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 4 Layers + 7" – 4 Layers), 26-40 Servings (Three Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 5" – 4 Layers + 6" – 4 Layers), 32-48 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 5 Layers), 37-55 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 6 Layers)

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