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Pole Position

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Celebrate your passion for Formula 1 with our Pole Position Cake – a luxurious two-tiered masterpiece that’s as thrilling as the race day itself. Dive into the speed and elegance of F1, presented in a cake that’s bound to be the centerpiece of any celebration.

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Introducing the Pole Position Cake – a Formula-1-inspired creation that captures the essence of speed, competition, and celebration. This two-tiered delight is a tribute to all racing enthusiasts, merging the excitement of the track with the exquisite craftsmanship and flavors Sucré is known for.

Lower Tier: The journey begins with a pristine white base, elegantly adorned with a checkered flag trim, symbolizing the iconic finish line of a race. Emblazoned with the Formula 1 logo*, this tier pays homage to the heart-pounding moments of the sport.

Upper Tier: Ascend to the thrilling fault line tier, where a vibrant red Italian Buttercream exterior beckons. Peering through this daring fault line is the classic racing checked flag design, a nod to the timeless spirit of Formula 1. The tier is a bold statement of both style and flavor.

Topper: Crowning this magnificent cake are meticulously crafted tires, a bespoke hand-made number topper celebrating the occasion, and a personalized initial for the honoree, adding a touch of exclusivity and personalization to your celebration.

Disclaimer: *This cake is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Formula 1 or any of its subsidiaries. The Formula 1 logo is used here for thematic inspiration only.

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14-21 Servings (Two Tier: 4″ – 4 Layers + 5″ – 4 Layers), 17-27 Servings (Two Tier: 4″ – 4 Layers + 6″ – 4 Layers), 20-31 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 5 Layers), 24-37 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 6 Layers), 26-39 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 4 Layers + 7" – 4 Layers), 26-40 Servings (Three Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 5" – 4 Layers + 6" – 4 Layers), 30-45 Servings (Three Tier: 4″ – 3 Layers + 5" – 4 Layers + 7″ – 4 Layers), 32-48 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 5 Layers), 37-55 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 6 Layers)

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