Pistachio Butter, Cardamom, and Rose


Sucré presents Pistachio Cardamom and Rose Custard Ice Cream – a blend of house-made pistachio butter, freshly ground cardamom, imported rose syrup, and edible rose petals. An artisanal delight, free from artificial additives, in eco-friendly packaging.

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Experience the magic of Sucré’s Super Premium Pistachio Cardamom and Rose Custard Ice Cream – a culinary symphony of exquisite flavors. At the heart of this masterpiece lies our house-made pistachio butter, painstakingly crafted from green-peeled toasted pistachios, resulting in unparalleled creaminess. We elevate this indulgence with the earthy aroma of freshly ground cardamom, the floral notes of French-imported rose syrup, and the delightful crunch of toasted and crushed pistachios. As a finishing touch, we adorn each pint with edible rose petals, sourced from the finest rose buds. Sucré’s commitment to quality shines through in every spoonful, with no artificial additives and eco-friendly biodegradable packaging. Succumb to the allure of Pistachio Cardamom and Rose Custard Ice Cream – where artistry meets dessert.

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