Dream Cake

Elegantly personalized Dream Cake, a sweet tribute to treasured memories and individual passions. Customizable to the cherished items in your life.

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Introducing our exquisite Dream Cake, a symbol of personalized celebration and cherished memories. Crafted with Italian meringue buttercream, this cake captures the essence of elegance. Adorned with a meticulously handmade figurine in the likeness of the birthday person, comfortably dozing on the iconic tufted couch from Friends. Every detail speaks of their unique story—the fallen hand, a bowl of their favorite chicken biryani left unfinished, a birch-like cricket bat, a red cricket ball with white stitching, and the number 23, their cherished favorite. Let this Dream Cake be the highlight of their extraordinary day by choosing items that are most cherished, and with a figure in their likeness.


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