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“Cherished” – a luxurious marble fondant cake, elegantly crafted to symbolize the timeless beauty and precious moments of life, complete with gold-edged detailing, and fresh roses, set in a serene pool of lemon-flavored gel “water”.

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Introducing “Cherished,” a cake that transcends mere dessert to become a symbol of life’s treasured moments.

Inspired by the elegance of heirloom pieces, this cake features a rich, earth-toned marble fondant, embodying the warmth and depth of cherished memories.

Delicate gold-painted edges gracefully outline the vase-like structure, adding a touch of opulence and highlighting the cake’s exquisite craftsmanship.

At its heart, “Cherished” blooms with fresh roses, set in a serene pool of lemon-flavored gel “water”, evoking the beauty and freshness of a well-tended garden.

This cake is not just a culinary delight; it’s a celebration of the enduring bonds and shared experiences that enrich our lives.

Presented in a crystal-clear box with 10ft of grosgrain ribbon, “Cherished” is more than a cake; it’s a centerpiece that eloquently speaks of elegance, love, and the timeless moments we hold dear.

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11-16 Servings (5" – 5 Layers), 13-20 Servings (5" – 6 Layers), 19-28 Servings (6" – 6 Layers), 17-27 Servings (Two Tier: 4″ – 4 Layers + 6″ – 4 Layers), 20-31 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 5 Layers), 24-37 Servings (Two Tier: 4" – 4 Layers + 6" – 6 Layers), 32-48 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 5 Layers), 37-55 Servings (Two Tier: 5" – 5 Layers + 7" – 6 Layers)

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