Black Forest Cake

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Indulge in elegance with Sucré’s Black Forest Symphony – where every slice is a taste of luxury!

Dive into layers of rich Victorian chocolate sponge, premium cherries, and Chantilly cream, encased in a fortress of Belgian couverture chocolate bark. Crowned with extra-tall Chantilly cream swirls and a cherry-filled center, it’s a sweet escape for the discerning palate.

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Sucré’s Signature Black Forest Cake. Crafted for those with discerning tastes and a penchant for the finer things in life, this masterpiece is a symphony of flavors and textures that will elevate your dessert experience to new heights.

At the heart of the Black Forest Symphony is our signature rich Victorian chocolate sponge, a velvety foundation that sets the stage for the decadence that follows. Layers of premium morello cherries interwoven with sweet dark cherries and Chantilly cream create a harmonious blend that dances on your palate with every bite.

The Black Forest Symphony isn’t just a cake; it’s a work of art. Encased in a delicate Chantilly cream icing, this confection is adorned with Belgian couverture chocolate bark, creating a fortress of flavor that encircles the cake like a guardian of indulgence.

The top is a spectacle in itself, crowned with extra-tall Chantilly cream swirls, generously sprinkled with shavings of Belgian couverture chocolate, the swirls form a well that is then loaded with more cherries, a delightful addition that will be sure to impress your guests.

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6-9 Servings (6" – 2 Layers), 9-14 Servings (6" – 3 Layers)


Milk, Semi-Sweet (Dark), Vegan Dairy-Free

Icing and Sponge

Signature, Diary-Free

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