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  • A New Design by Sucré: Each Majalis reveals a never-before-seen cake design, based around the meaning of the Majalis.
  • Celebrate Together: All Khane share in unveiling the same new design, uniting in a moment of joy and discovery.
  • Exceptional Value: A bespoke cake, worth up to $350, for only $100, delivered.
  • Meets all Nandi Requirements: Packaged in a clear box with a ribbon and allergy info, ready to dazzle.

🎉 Order Now and Join the Tradition: Experience a “One Jamat” cake at your next Majalis and be part of a grand community celebration.

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Paanch Baar Saal – Imamat Day – 2024


This two-tier Italian meringue buttercream cake, crafted for Paanch Baar Saal, symbolizes the devotion of 5-12 years of service to the Imam.

The bottom tier’s vertical ruffled collar featuring real 24K gold leaf highlights represents the steadfast dedication and purity of intent.

The geometric gold mosaic on the top tier reflects the harmonious unity and intricate spiritual journey of the Ismaili community.

Topped with vibrant flowers, including a stunning orange leucospermum cordifolium, daisies, and veronica, the cake embodies the beauty and growth that stem from selfless service.

Imamat Day – Mawlano Rojo – 2024

Divine Blossoms of Unity

This cake, symbolizes purity and the Imam’s unwavering guidance.

The hand-painted flowers, represent the blossoming of spiritual enlightenment and the nurturing of unity and peace under the Imam’s leadership.

Each stroke is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage and the timeless values of love, compassion, and service that the Ismaili faith upholds.

It is an artistic homage to the enduring bond between the Imam and his followers, celebrating a day of spiritual renewal and communal harmony.

Navroz – Evening JK – 2024

Impressionist Garden

The “Impressionist Garden” cake, crafted for Navroz, embodies the rebirth of nature and spirit of new beginnings.

Inspired by spring’s palette, its edible artistry in palette-knife florals and vibrant hues celebrates life’s renewal.

A tribute to the joy and unity of Navroz, it transforms each gathering into a canvas of shared memories, promising not just a cake, but an experience woven with tradition and innovation.

Navroz – Morning JK – 2024

Spring Whisper

The Spring Whisper Cake, conceived for Navroz, embodies the essence of renewal and contemplation that marks this sacred day.

Its serene white palette and hexagonal form reflect the harmony and balance of nature’s awakening.

The sugar leaves whisper the tales of new beginnings, while the chrysanthemum and Italian ruscus atop symbolize longevity and growth.

Designed for quiet mornings of meditation, this cake stands as a silent participant in the ceremony, encouraging introspection and the celebration of life’s continual renewal.

Paanch Baar Saal – Navroz Kushali – 2024


In my art, I celebrate Navroz and my devotion to the Imam of the Time, weaving together the rebirth and renewal inherent in both.

This work is an ode to the Ismaili faith, embodying the themes of rejuvenation, hope, and unwavering allegiance to our spiritual leader.

Through colors that mimic the first blush of spring and forms that suggest the eternal cycle of renewal, my pieces are offerings of service, reflections of the light guided by the Imam.

Each stroke is a prayer, each hue a step towards enlightenment, encapsulating the promise of Navroz and the path of devotion in the Ismaili tradition.

Mawlano Rojo – Navroz Kushali – 2024

Mauve Meadow

The Mauve Meadow cake symbolizes the essence of rebirth and renewal inherent to this auspicious day. Its mauve palette knife flowers embody the resilience and beauty that bloom from life’s adversities, reminding us that, though challenges are inevitable, grace and support surround us.

This cake stands as a testament to the power of prayer in guiding us through difficulties, mirroring the cycles of growth and rejuvenation that define our journeys.

It’s a tribute to the strength we find in faith and the communal hope for a path illuminated by support and understanding.

Bait ul-Khayal – Navroz Kushali – 2024

Celedon Vase

The Celadon Vase, with its velvety Belgian chocolate layer, is more than a dessert; it’s a meditation on the textures of life and the renewal that Navroz signifies.

This delicate, sage-green coating mirrors the softness of new beginnings, inviting one to reflect on the smooth and serene moments amidst life’s complexities.

As spring reawakens the earth, so does this cake encourage a moment of contemplation and gratitude, its chocolate veil a symbol of the rich, layered experiences that guide our personal growth and renewal.

Kushali Majalis – March 2024

Pastel Promise

“Pastel Promise” merges the artistry of cake design with the natural beauty of spring leaves, symbolizing rebirth and unity for Navroz.

Its leafy crown, detailed with veins in soft hues, mirrors the renewal of life, reflecting the spirit of Navroz as a celebration of new beginnings and the divine harmony in creation.

This cake is a tribute to the cycle of life, hope, and the sweet promise of the days to come.

Huzur Panje Bhenu Navroz Kushali 2024

Lilac Whisper Geode Cake

Inspired by the timeless wisdom and grace that women embody, our Geode Cake stands as a tribute to the spiritual journey and inherent strength found within every woman. It reflects the beauty of creation, much like the intricate layers of the earth, revealing the deep, inner beauty through its geode heart.

This cake is more than a confection; it’s a celebration of the divine role women play in our lives and our communities, embodying the love, resilience, and grace that uplift us all in our spiritual paths.

Navroz Kushali Majalis – March 2024

Faceted Velvet Bloom

The “Faceted Velvet Bloom” cake stands as a celebration of the profound elegance found in simplicity, harmonizing geometric precision with the soft allure of nature, now beautifully captured in its vibrant coral hues and the intricate addition of hand-painted baby’s breath.

This minimalist masterpiece serves not only as a visual feast but also as a spiritual emblem. Its surface, meticulously textured to emulate velvet using white Belgian chocolate, brings forth a sense of warmth and comfort, reminiscent of the familiar, yet it beckons us to acknowledge the divine artistry woven into the fabric of our world.

The “Faceted Velvet Bloom” cake is more than a dessert; it is a reflection on the divine, celebrating the graceful interplay of color, texture, and form, inviting us to find peace and joy in the elegance of understatement.

Students Navroz Kushali 2024

The Robin’s Nest

“The Robin’s Nest” embodies the vibrant renewal of spring and the celebration of student achievements.

With its signature white sponge and Italian meringue buttercream, this cake represents the fresh starts and layered experiences of students.

The handcrafted chocolate nest with eggs symbolizes the nurturing and growth they receive. Each sugar flower and painted leaf on this cake mirrors the diversity of achievements and the blossoming of potential.

This creation is not just a dessert; it’s a tribute to the journey of growth, symbolizing hope and new beginnings for every student stepping into a bright future.

Kushali Majalis – Dec 2023

Cherished Vase

This cake was designed to encapsulates the enduring beauty of familial connections.

Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of Guljee’s Divine words painting on display at the Ismaili Center London, this cake is fashioned into an elegant vase, with a fondant exterior that replicates the timeless allure of marble, with the all the edges carefully hand-painted in gold.

At its heart, a tranquil pool of lemon gel masquerades as still water, providing a base for three vibrant, fresh roses, symbolizing love that never fades.

This exquisite cake is more than just a dessert; it’s a poetic expression of the deep-rooted bonds that flourish within a family.

Kushali Majalis – Dec 2023

Ephemeral Sacrifice

“Ephemeral Sacrifice” is a two-tiered culinary masterpiece honoring sacrifice. The cake’s exterior, resembling concrete with white and gray Italian Meringue buttercream, symbolizes unwavering strength and commitment.

The second tier features a scarf, frozen in a gentle breeze, signifies spiritual transcendence, while the white gum paste leaves each represent sacrifices made for faith.

The design invites contemplation, with the smooth, robust texture of the cake emphasizing resilience. Each bite becomes a sensory journey, prompting reflection on devotion and the enduring spirit of those who their service for a higher cause.

“Ephemeral Sacrifice” is more than a cake; it’s a tasteful exploration of symbolism, texture, and taste, inviting observers to savor the profound emotions tied to sacrifice, devotion, and the lasting impact of faith in a compact and visually stunning creation.

Kushali Majalis – Dec 2023

Bouquet d’Amour – Aga Khan IV’s 87th Birthday

This cake was commissioned by the Ismaili community and was displayed at multiple locations across the GTA on December 13th, 2023 as part of the Aga Khan IV’s 87th Birthday celebrations.

The cake begins with our signature White Wedding Velvet sponge, embraced by the silkiness of Italian Meringue Buttercream.

The exterior, reminiscent of torn florist paper, unveils delicate gold accents.

At the apex, a profusion of sugar flowers—meticulously handcrafted and hued in pink, white, and lilac—creates a floral crescendo.

At the base, “Salgirah Mubarak” quietly extends warm wishes of happiness, peace, and prosperity to all.

Huzur Panje Bhenu – Dec 2023

Her Divine Wings

This cake was commissioned by the Ismaili community and was displayed at multiple locations across the GTA on December 10th, 2023 as part of celebrations.

In crafting “Her Divine Wings,” we sought to encapsulate the celestial qualities that define the essence of women.

The geometric texture made in Italian Meringue Buttercream symbolizes the precision and strength inherent in each woman, while the gentle blush pink exterior pays homage to the grace and beauty that accompany femininity.

The delicate ‘wings’ at the center of the cake are more than an artistic flourish – they represent the divine, ethereal spirit of women.

“Her Divine Wings” is not just a confection; it is an artistic celebration, a manifestation of the angelic strength and beauty that reside within every woman.

May each slice be a moment of indulgence and empowerment, a recognition of the extraordinary qualities that make her divine.

Students 2023

New Beginnings

This cake was commissioned by the Ismaili community and was displayed at multiple locations across the GTA on December 2nd, 2023 as part of celebrations.

An eloquent narrative of tradition meeting the promise of tomorrow.
Immerse yourself in the duality of this exquisite creation, where the exterior, intricately crafted from perfectly tempered Belgian Couverture Chocolate, mirrors the resilience of age-old wisdom, resembling the bark of a time-tested tree.

Yet, within this venerable exterior lies the heart of renewal—a flawless White Wedding Velvet Sponge encased in the silky embrace of Italian Meringue Buttercream.

The symbolism is profound: the ancient bark, a testament to the roots and wisdom passed down through generations, surrounds a pristine interior—a metaphor for the potential, passion, and untapped knowledge inherent in the Students of today, about to take on the responsibility of leading the community tomorrow.

Paanch Baar Saal 2023

 Eternal Flame – Devotion

This cake was commissioned by the Ismaili community and was displayed at multiple locations across the GTA on November 22nd, 2023 as part of celebrations.

The exterior of the cake is adorned with bold and expressive blue brush strokes, each stroke representing a moment of selfless service and a brushstroke in the canvas of devotion.

The blue color, symbolic of loyalty and spirituality, is meticulously applied to evoke the dynamic and transformative nature of a member’s journey.

At the pinnacle of our creation, a blue translucent topper takes the form of a flame. This symbolic flame encapsulates the essence of the member’s dedication, rising with an ethereal glow that signifies the spiritual enlightenment attained through years of service. The flame is not merely a decoration; it is a testament to the enduring commitment that lights the path for all who gather in the name of faith.

Bait-ul-Khayal 2023

Sacred Symmetry: The External and Internal Self

This cake was commissioned by the Ismaili community and was displayed at multiple locations across the GTA on November 18th, 2023 as part of religious celebrations.

Crafted with inspiration from Ismaili concepts, this White Wedding Velvet cake embodies the spiritual journey within its layers.

The External Self “Zaheri” — a textured white canvas adorned with delicate nonpareils, symbolizing the inner quest for self-discovery and transcendence through meditation. It reflects the purity of the soul and the complexities of contemplation.

The Internal Self “Batini” — a vibrant canvas for the soul’s transformation after prayer and mindfulness exercises. Adorned with Autumn Chrysanthemums against a serene green backdrop, it echoes the richness and beauty resonating within.

May its layers guide you in a visual and sensory meditation, deepening your understanding of self and spirituality.

Flag Day 2023

 My Flag

The Ismaili “My Flag” is a significant symbol in the Ismaili community, which is part of the Shia branch of Islam. This flag, often referred to as the Ismaili Flag, holds great importance for the Ismaili Muslims who follow the Aga Khan as their spiritual leader. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Color and Design: The Ismaili Flag is typically a rich, dark green in color, symbolizing peace and the importance of the spiritual life. It’s often plain, without any inscriptions or symbols.
  2. Historical Significance: The flag has a deep historical background, dating back to the Fatimid Caliphate, an Ismaili state founded in the 10th century in North Africa. It symbolizes the community’s rich heritage and long history.
  3. Use in Celebrations and Ceremonies: The flag is prominently displayed during special occasions and religious celebrations within the Ismaili community. It’s a symbol of unity and identity for Ismailis around the world.
  4. Spiritual Significance: For Ismailis, the flag is not just a symbol of their community; it also represents their allegiance and connection to the Aga Khan and their commitment to the ethical principles and values of Islam as interpreted in the Ismaili tradition.

It’s important to note that the Ismaili “My Flag” is not just a cultural artifact but a representation of the community’s identity and spiritual beliefs.

Navroz – March 2023


This Navroz Kintsugi cake with blue marble and gold accents celebrates the beauty of imperfection, the art of mending, and the hope and prosperity of a new year.

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese pottery repair technique where a broken pot is mended with precious metal such as gold to create something more valuable than what was originally broken.

Additionally, the kintsugi technique itself can be seen as a metaphor for the practice of meditation. Just as the pottery is repaired with gold, meditation helps us heal and repair our minds, allowing us to see the beauty in our own imperfections and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Huzur Panje Bhenu – March 2023


Celebrating the spirit of women with our exquisite minimalist Italian Meringue buttercream cake. This masterpiece features a line-textured exterior, showcasing the artistry of simplicity. Adorned with a breathtaking waterfall arrangement of fresh flowers, including blush-colored spray roses, baby pink Lisianthus, delicate baby’s breath, and graceful Italian Ruscus, each flower holds symbolic meaning.

The blush roses embody grace and gratitude, Lisianthus signifies appreciation and gentleness, the baby’s breath represents purity, and Italian Ruscus symbolizes admiration. We honor remarkable women with this elegant creation.

Navroz Majalis – March 2023


Embellished with three enchanting pink Hydrangea blooms, this cake embodies the spirit of renewal and joy synonymous with Navroz. Each flower, perched gracefully atop the velvety surface, whispers stories of rejuvenation and heartfelt gratitude.

Echoing the intricate patterns seen during Navroz celebrations, a diagonal array of white nonpareils adorns the sides, adding texture and a touch of elegance.

As you savor each slice, indulge in the moist, buttery layers and the gently sweet Italian meringue frosting, reminiscent of the delicate balance of life celebrated during this auspicious time.

This ‘Hydrangeas’ cake, where beauty converges with flavor, not only represents gratitude but also the essence of Navroz – a time for new beginnings, reflection, and shared joy within our community.

Imamat Day 2023

“The Robe” – A Diamond Jubilee Tribute

This masterpiece features an intricate hand-drawn recreation of the stitching on the Aga Khan’s robe, which was worn during the Diamond Jubilee events in Portugal. Each stitch meticulously crafted to showcase both direction and texture, embodying the essence of dedication and artistry. The robe’s lapel was exquisitely recreated in fondant, and comes alive with vibrant green, red, and gold highlights, capturing the regal elegance of the occasion.

Crowned with a golden disk and encircled by delicate tiny pearls at its edge, this cake is a symbol of honor and celebration. It serves as a centerpiece that tells a story of heritage and pride.