ITALIAN MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM: We choose to use the higher quality, more finicky Italian method for a silky texture that is light and not too sweet. It also provides a firm hold and stunning result on all our cakes that specify buttercream.

MARSHMALLOW FONDANT: We make our own specialized marshmallow fondant in-house since it tastes better. It is a little more labor-intensive, but oh-so-high-quality

DUTCH PROCESS COCOA: Imported high quality alkalized powder made from 100% cocoa. No added sugar and suitable for vegetarians.

GRASS-FED BUTTER: Moo! Tastes nuttier with a far creamier texture, this is what gives our cakes a delicious “mouth-feel”

LOCALLY PRODUCED FARM-FRESH EGGS: Our friends in Mount Forrest, Ontario help provide us with the freshest and most golden yolks

PURE VANILLA BEAN: Pure Madagascar vanilla, extracted in-house straight from the bean

CANE SUGAR: Characterized by its sweeter aftertaste and fruity aroma vs standard beet sugar, we use sugar made from sugarcane for better caramelization and more uniform results

ARTISANAL CREAM CHEESE: Locally sourced cream cheese is what goes into every carrot and red velvet cake that leaves our bakery

BELGIAN COVERTURE CHOCOLATE: Coverture chocolate is very high quality and contains more cocoa butter than baking or eating chocolate. This gives our chocolate more sheen, a firmer “snap”, and a creamy mellow flavor. We use the finest Belgian chocolate in all our cakes and goodies, which makes traditional items such as cookies a true gourmet treat.

SELECT CALIFORNIA NUTS: Imported. We even make our own almond flour from these delicious nuts for our french macarons

PREMIUM ITALIAN ESPRESSO: 100% Arabica beans, ground only at the time of need to maintain a lingering crema and round flavor throughout the baking process